Hello from Newfoundland.

If you’re reading this you’re likely here -but either way I’m happy to report that through record blizzard and global pandemic, we’ve been havin’ a time here all along.

I played a gig at the Ship a few months back. Solo Friday night no cover. It was a fun time even with the mask and protocol. I played a facebook set on the Nova Scotia Kitchen Party pandemic group thing that’s so popular. That was pretty fun too. I’m a bit weary of the home for Christmas crowd though -so I might have to do another online set.

All this time, I’ve been writing and crafting up some things. I want to do it live though. It has to be loud with lots of dancing people. At the moment that’s just a little bit more than the law will allow. Anyway!

Here’s an excerpt from my holiday musical, “Made In The North Pole” -a work in progress. That may as well be the official title.

Play the music loud, tell somebody why you love them and enjoy the festive season everyone!





2008 funk/reggae/hip-hop project

2017 instrumental electronic

2014 sample based grooves


“Most definitely a songwriter worthy of being covered.” -Penguin Eggs Magazine

“If you are going to be visiting St. John’s, do yourself a favor and find out where they are playing.” -No Depression

Songwriter and entertainer, Neil Conway, is based in St. John’s, Newfoundland. A compulsive lyricist, he takes on a wide range of genres and can always be found with a notebook and pen in his left pocket. His work touches on timeless and modern themes in a way that is provocative, thoughtful and often funny. With a knack for eyebrow raising commentary, his songs cover a broad range of topics and styles.

Neil Conway moved to St. John’s in 1998 and still can’t get enough of the place. Since then he has had his fingers in many pies. He has been main song writer/band leader for live hip-hop act, The Discounts; reggae/ska band, Skank; fringe folk freaks, The Somethin’ Family; as well as appearing solo with a mixture of all his songs. He has toured Canada extensively and has made frequent trips to St. Pierre et Miquelon. Between 2008-present he has toured China, South Korea, Japan, The Phillipines, India, Europe and Australia; often reforming The Discounts with local musicians.

He has been commissioned to write topical songs for CBC radio and television and awarded recording grants from MusicNL, The Newfoundland Labrador Arts Council and The City of St. John’s. In 2008 he wrote a song with Ron Hynes for CBC radio’s songwriting circle.

Through independent promotions he has received positive reviews and considerable play on CBC as well as charting regularly on community radio across Canada. His 2004 debut, The Somethin’ Family Album, featured a large cast of gifted Newfoundland musicians and was warmly received across Canada. His 2006 release, “Roadblock,” followed the same political comedy direction with a raw solo and folk trio sound. In 2008 he released a collection of his reggae and hip-hop songs as The Discounts – Part One. His third solo album, Songs For Topical Use came out in October of 2013.

In 2015 he worked with Andy Jones to write a musical comedy about the uprising of Santa’s elves titled “Made in The North Pole.” He is currently writing and producing a new album to be released in the fall of 2018.

“funny, catchy, honest and worthy of your attention” -The Newfoundland Herald

“Neil Conway’s joyously clunky, faux-hillbilly, stream-of-consciousness songs would most appeal to fans of The Fugs or perhaps Jonathan Richman… thought-provoking and worth a listen.” -Sing Out! Magazine, 2007

“Quality musical skills and thought-through lyrics” -Northeast In-Tune Magazine

“Newfoundland already knows how great Neil Conway is -it’s only a matter of time before the rest of Canada does as well.”
“…it’s about time this guy put out an album!” -Penguin Eggs, 2004

“…a man of most unique lyrical genius. …a recipe for smiles and head nodding.” -The Coast, Halifax

“a great collection of tunes the local bar circuit has been singing along to for years” -Fred’s Records, St. John’s